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Tuscan Window
sold - contact me for prints
Tuscan View, mixed media
Tuscan View
mixed media on wood
unframed, 12"x12"
Seeing Double, mixed media
Double Vision
acrylic & paper on wood w/ red frame
Fall in Boone, gouache on brown paper, 7"x7"
Fall in Boone
sold - contact me for prints
Cape Cod Windows, mixed media, 15"x12"
Cape Cod Window
acrylic, gouache & paper on wood, unframed  12"x15"
Cape Cod Cairns, acrylic on wood, 15"X15"
Cape Cod Cairns
acrylic on wood
unframed  15"x15"
Icelandic Lupins
mixed media on wood w/ black frame
Cairn 2, acrylic on wood, 12"x12"
Cairn #1
acrylic on wood w/ black frame
Cairn 1, acrylic on wood, 12"x12"
Cairn #2
sold - contact me for prints
Secret Life of Bees, mixed media, 12"x12"
Secret Life of Bees
mixed media w/ black frame, 12"x12"
Borgo Argenina, Chianti, acrylic on wood
Borgo Argentina, Chianti
sold - contact me for prints

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