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Grew up on Cape Cod

Lives & works in Raleigh, NC


1993 - 1995  MEd. Xavier University, Montessori Education

1979 - 1983  B.S.  Skidmore College, Fine Art

1978             Boston College, Summer Animation Program

One of my earliest memories is making sculptures in the sand with plaster.  I was very young and my neighbor was studying to be an art teacher.  Having grown up on Cape Cod I was constantly surrounded by nature. The change of seasons were marked, in my mind, by the color of the sunlight, the hues of blue in the ocean, and the evolution of foliage.

I have long been attracted to mixed media art.  Using materials out of context, combining textures with color, are chosen to create an element of surprise.  My studio is filled with containers of fabric, papers, wires, ribbons, sequins, jewels and broken pieces of toys, computers and jewelry.  This is the pallet I pull from as I construct an environment. 

About 20 years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I became struck with an overwhelming “need” to make very feminine art. This is where my mermaids came from.  I have never been attracted to the commercialized images of mermaids. Rather, I am drawn to those from different cultures and ethnicities where their uniqueness is more important than their beauty.  Then I began to collect books on women role models.


My work is an unique assortment of women who’s voices bare listening to.  The composition, texture and colors of each environment is intended to not only define the woman but welcome the viewer into their space.  The boxes that contain each environment define the limitation of each women’s influence.